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RealCouples is more than just a regular adult porn site. Our films document interviews with couples about how they met up with each other, what their kinks and fantasies are and then seeing them get down to the real action!
All the people on this site were genuine real couples at the time the movies were made and these couples include teen couples, mature couples, fuck buddies and porn star couples.
Even porn stars have real life partners with some only doing boy/girl or anal for example on this site only sotry something different - try RealCouples!
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From Modelling To Porn 37 mins
The shoot was still interesting for a variety of reasons not least of which I got to chat to Brooks mum after the shoot who Mark tells me is every bit as gorgeous as Brooke. I couldn't imagine the apple falling too far from the tree in the looks department and was shocked at myself that I was chatting her mum up on the loud speaker!
Her 1st Time On Camera 36 mins
Its quite rare to shoot wth a couple a few times then have them split up to return with a new partner a couple years later. We’ve had a few which makes for interesting reading when you consider the new partner understands their partners history doing porn then agrees to do it too.
Youthfull Couple Who Met Online 37 mins
Even though they met on a website, it wasn’t a dating website but purely a fantasy role playing adventure site. They struck up a conversation sent each other normal Facebook pictures then met up and ironically it was Kylie who made the first move.
Experienced Fuckers 30 mins
I'm so glad I did this shoot because it was so damn hot and they made it so easy for me which always scores big fat points with me. The thing about shooting reality based scenes is that you really have to catch it the first time because there is no second chance if you miss something.
Persuading Her Hubby 25 mins
Leona was well versed in the business ways of porn but it was refreshing that her husband was not and nor was he fazed by it all. It was more a case of, if he did it then fine, if not then don’t do it again so this was a trial for himself than just what he was doing.
The Kinky Couple 35 mins
In this scene, Beatrix starts off by peeing her pretty pink panties. She strips off everything and they both get into some heavy anal probing action... but that's not all! Drew cums on his girlfriend and even licks it off of her chest. And, when you think it's all over, they keep on going.

In-Depth Movies With Interviews Both Candid and Funny

Attractive Asian Girl 25 mins
Like many couples these days, they met on an internet chat room and have been together ever since. I don’t doubt they are good for each other as you can clearly see they are close during the interview.
The Arguement 41 mins
Nothing prepared me for the drama that was to ensue prior to this shoot happening. They both had a row the night before and Valerie threw him out and his clothes much later only for the rubbish truck to turn up and take it all away!
Couple Invite a Friend 34 mins
Who was I to pass up an opportunity to film a couple of attractive blonde euro hotties chowing down on each others sexy shaved smooth soft pussies in hot titty to titty action? Evie is married to Ellis so it was a win/ win all round.
Anal Without Lube 37 mins
The moment I laid eyes on Chiara I thought she was a darling. Nice personality, really quite sweet and little shy. Her fella was a quite well spoken but nice lad too but I wasn’t fooled. He had that look of mischief in his eye.
Couples Cum Soaked Friend 27 mins
Its not until I edited this scene recently that i realised I managed to get all the elements in place to make a good scene. I’m just glad I had the good sense to just let them all get on with the job of enjoying themselves.
The Willing Wife 37 mins
Paige Fox hooked me up with this couple she met on a shoot elsewhere and called me asking if I was looking for couples still. All the time I say. Tell em to look at the site. They did and we got in touch.
She Likes The Older Man 37 mins
Kimberly and TJ are a nice mix of that real couple in that she doesn’t subscribe to the porn star look of big hair do’s and fake boobs and goes to show that to be a porn star you don’t need to do any of that. She is as real as real can be.
Busty Housewife Cleans Up 46 mins
I must admit, this scene is a scorcher with everything I like about shooting real couples. Fans of real porn will love this one I'm sure. The playful friendly chat, the social interplay between both couples and the sex was great too.
Pregnant Girlfriend 29 mins
I can see the appeal to those who like pregnant girl shoots because everything about the woman is pushed to an extreme as her body changes. The breasts become bigger and fuller with milk and lactating.
The Sexy Secretary 27 mins
Tracy is a very sexy housewife that loves to dress up as a sexy secretary and play with her husband Dave. See her in her cute little uniform, glasses included, sucking and fucking the shit out of this lucky guy.
Waiting To Fuck 32 mins
Jamie and Ryder are on a journey into each other. I can see that. Porn was the next step on their adventure together and this is where they found me. She made him hold back a day expecting a whopper of a cum shot.
So In love 35 mins
Satin is the best. She is also the prettiest and I do not mean this lightly. She is great in every way. She picks me up form the airport, meets up with me after the shoot for dinner and takes me back to my apartment.

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